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This site will assist older adults and their families in obtaining appropriate mental health and aging services, and teach them how to advocate to get their needs met.

News and information for seniors.

Resources for seniors and their caregivers in Virginia

A guide to senior services and resources on healthcare providers, housing options, emergency services, community resources, and professional articles on aging.

Community-based resources and tools for seniors, people with disabilities, caregivers and service providers.

Health, medical and social information of interest to the elderly.

A not-for-profit organization that is the source for Medicare consumers and Medicare professionals

Information on Medicare for beneficiaries, their families and providers.

Provides families and health professionals with details of the care options available in the USA, as well as offering support, needs assessment, and product sales.

Guide to seniors' housing and care services including retirement homes, nursing homes, home health care, adult lifestyle retirement communities, supportive housing and palliative hospice care in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia.

Housing and living options to assist elderly Americans maintain independence within their home communities.

Provides advice to families who need help locating quality retirement or care facilities for elderly relatives in Sacramento.

A complete guide to senior housing and care options, listing all state licensed senior housing facilities in the major metropolitan areas nationwide.

NCAL is the assisted living voice of the American Health Care Association (AHCA), an organization representing long term care providers. Provides educational resources, news and consumer information.

Basic and advanced classes to train individuals to conduct and lead activities in long term care facilities.

Information for caregivers and professionals in the post-acute and long-term care industry on assisted living, DME, DMERC, nursing, medical equipment, rehabilitation facilities, hospice and dementia care

Provides consumer information, a searchable database of facilities, links, and information for providers.

A leading developer and manager of continuing care, assisted living retirement communities throughout the United States.

An 87 bed long term care facility located in a residential setting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Free referral source and contact listings for helping the elderly find appropriate living arrangements in the Florida area.

Information on planning and development of assisted living, long term care, CEU's, regulatory compliance, survey and crisis management, and PPS medicare.

Senior housing list, by state, compiled by ElderNet.

Informs physicians and other practitioners about clinical and management issues related to institutional long term care, both residential and short-stay postacute.

Quality-of-care ratings and discounts on nursing homes, assisted living facilities and home health agencies, plus information on long-term care insurance.

Presents manuals for establishing and operating care facilities, as well as a guide for home care services.

Provides medical long term care help for seniors including estate planning, asset protection and elder law information.

Eldercare resources for family caregivers. Information about long term care, home health care, Assisted living, and nursing homes.

Referral service for those choosing assisted living, nursing homes, and retirement communities.

Challenges nursing homes to rethink the impersonal medical model of caring for our elders and adopt a social model, creating vibrant, elder-friendly communities to live in.

Central Maine's retirement community offering independent and assisted living options.