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Discusses natural family planning through the ovulation method.

Information about this method and access to instructors who assist couples achieve future conception.

Non-profit group providing information on the method and steps to learn fertility awareness from a non-religious perspective.

Information about possible adverse effects of tubal ligation, sponsored by a doctor who offers treatment.

Information, advice and guidance about female sterilization using tubal ligation. [Flash video]

Manufacturer of sterilisation devices. Includes description of a silicone band used in laparoscopic female sterilization.

Illustrations are provided, along with pregnancy rates following reversal.

Devices permanently implanted in the fallopian tubes to prevent pregnancy.

Non-surgical birth control for women.

Links to published medical information on vasectomy, including photographs and videos. FAQ, men's personal experiences and peer support via newsgroup. Includes a humor section. Accompanies the newsgroup

An individual discusses problems, complications, and pain from vasectomies. Offers book for sale.

Information about vasectomy and vasectomy reversal.

Jeffrey P. Buch M.D. based in Frisco, Texas. Includes operation information, vasectomy reversal alternatives and costs.

Questions and answers that address particular concerns and issues before proceeding with a vasectomy reversal. By Harry Fisch, MD, of Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.

A large directory of websites of abortion providers, listed by country, state, and province.

New Delhi doctor offers medical and surgical abortions, as well as general gynecological and obstetric care.

Offers medical services for abortion, pregnancy tests, cancer detection, menstrual problems, and family planning. List of services and frequently asked questions. Mumbai, India.

Abortion clinic in Arnhem. Site provides advice for patients.

Eight abortion clinics across Canada.

Description of services and frequently asked questions. Toronto.

Provides abortion services under local anesthetic in a freestanding clinic setting. Based in Toronto, ON.

Consortium offering first and second trimester abortions and tubal ligation in clinics and outpatient ambulatory surgical centers in several US locations. Includes information about clinics and procedures.

Clinics in four states provide details of staff and services offered, with list of locations, FAQ, and health information.

Clinics providing abortions services in Alabama, Connecticut, Georgia, and Michigan.

Specializes in pregnancy termination, such as the surgical abortion, medical abortion, and Morning After Pill. List of services and news. Located in Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina and Augusta, Georgia.

A listing of abortion doctors and clinics in the US. Includes information on choosing a clinic, making a decision and telling people.

Provides a list of independent providers, with details of supportive organizations and other client resources.

An association of abortion funds in the US that provides support and technical assistance to local funds, aids in creating new funds, and provides money for women seeking abortions.

Details medical services available for birth control, sterilization, and pregnancy termination. Overview of abortion services available. Locations in California and Illinois.

Abortions, pregnancy tests, birth control, and other gynecological services in Tuscaloosa.