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Organized access to public health, education, jobs, careers, sites for professionals, students, educators, kids and general public.

Contains data on injury occurrence in each of the 50 US states, information about prevention, policy recommendations, and a resources section with links to government and nonprofit sites worldwide.

Seeks solutions for major global public health problems through research, policy development and training. Based in Sydney, Australia.

A database of human resources which describes the fields of expertise and activities of about 5,000 experts involved in health promotion and public health in Europe. Detailed information on the skills and centres of interests of those included in the database, the organisations for which they work and their current projects. This programme is supported by the European Union.

Offers directories and data for public safety professionals including law enforcement, fire, and emergency departments. Presents products, company details and resource links.

Latest news, available books, and ongoing projects of the Foundation. A non-profit organization committed to improving the health of people in poor communities around the world by making health information accessible. (Berkeley, CA)

National organization which provides services and technical assistance to health centers in support of their mission to provide health care services to the poor and medically underserved.

Provides health professionals and community leaders with information needed for informed decision making on the most effective public health strategies, policies and programs for their communities.

A Public Health Resource site. One of Idaho's seven independent public health districts, providing community health services to Ada, Boise, Elmore, and Valley Counties.

Provides a variety of programs for the underserved segments of Los Angeles county, including HIV prevention, health education and primary medical care.

Aims to improve and protect health, enhance the environment, prevent illness and injury, and promote healthy lifestyles. Find details about community health education, emergency preparedness, environmental health, vital records and preventative health services.

A national pediatric mobile program supporting direct health services and public education programs in disadvantaged rural and urban communities. Details of individual programs and funding. Based in New York, USA.

A national health promotion and disease prevention initiative bringing together many individuals and agencies to improve the health of all Americans, eliminate disparities in health, and improve years and quality of healthy life.

A peer-reviewed publication covering several disciplines. Features a database of research projects, subscription details, and an index of the current issue.

Non profit organization created to integrate health promotion concepts into national US policy and all aspects of society. Includes project information, and details of collaborating organizations.

An independent network working in partnership with major organizations. Features list of regional offices as well as details of publications and current projects.

Catalyzes the possibility of optimal health for all people by helping to educate, inspire and empower every person to prevent disease and embrace a life of wellness.

Provides up-to-date information and links on specific vaccine safety issues as they arise in the media.

A non-profit organization that promotes advances in vaccine development, delivery and distribution focusing on polio, rubella, rotavirus, and hookworm. Provides awards and organizes symposia

An international organization based in Seoul and devoted to bringing vaccines against cholera, shigellosis, and typhoid fever to the poor populations.

Discussion about crossregulatory networks that control how an immune response develops after oral vaccination.

A directory of links to immunization resources.

Information provided by Sanofi-Pasteur on ImmYounity, a program focused on providing information and facts about vaccines and immunization.

Database on vaccines and news, collection of links to other pages on immunisations.

The official website of the GAVI foundation, featuring country hub, financial reports and goal-level indicators.

A public resource discussing the benefits of vaccines and vaccinations. Information on diseases, vaccines, immunization schedules, travel and health.

A directory of resources about safety and injury prevention.

Organization of poison centers and interested individuals which provides a forum to promote the reduction of morbidity and mortality from poisonings through public and professional education and scientific research.

Information on health education, statistics and demographics for the 5 counties served by this Center.

Services in the area of education on prescription drug abuse. Awareness education for health professionals, law enforcement, and regulatory officials. Talks include diversion in the health facility, rx abuse in the workplace, and prevention tips for health professionals who encounter the prescription drug seeker. (Miamitown, Ohio)