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Internet press center for European science, medicine and technology.

Medical news and information about drug approvals, plus FDA and NIH research.

Healthcare Headlines allows users to read and search media releases related to healthcare.

Health and medical information for Irish users. Requires free registration to access information.

Recent and archived news plus breaking news and in-depth reports.

Offers editorial articles from Mike Adams on nutrition and other health-related topics.

The latest health-related headlines, in feed format.

US-based television news-gathering organization covering medical breakthroughs, family health and consumer news for women.

TV network produced by CNN, with program guide, articles, and tips for living a healthy lifestyle.

Provides health and medical information, written by professionals for consumers, and offers interactive online events and educational videos.

Supplies headline links to stories on other sites.

Medical news and information, links to current medical articles.

Online Health Freedom news and publications.

A series of journals to assist individuals and professionals for guidance in facilitating positive lifestyle changes free from addictions.

A directory of free medical online books.

A free guide to medical information available on the Internet.

Lists a large number of medical journals that currently provide free full-text access on the WWW.

Medical news, pearls, and a powerful search tool.

Web site for The Journal of Clinical Investigation. Access is free to all.

Presents fundamental scientific, diagnostic and treatment knowledge gained from prospective and retrospective research.

Information about this peer reviewed journal. Includes the complete full text of past and current issues.

Provides full text of this quarterly biomedical journal covering specialities from basic and clinical sciences.

Peer-reviewed bimonthly publication of AMDA, provides coverage of the issues most important to medical and nursing professionals providing long-term elder care.

Expert reviews of current diagnosis and treatment by topic.

Gateway for Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins journals, allows visitors to browse, search and view online content and register for online services.

Interdisciplinary medical journal published bi-monthly.

Provides search and retrieval service for articles published after 1985 on various disciplines in medicine. Abstracts and full-text articles available on-line.

A print and web magazine dedicated to providing information, support and guidance for family and professional caregivers.

Online magazine with articles on a variety of health topics.

Information on making lifestyle changes to promote body fat reduction.