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Canadian research facility and hospital which provides direct patient care. Includes searchable database of addiction related materials.

Articles and discussion about addictions with special sections on addictions to pornography, sex and love, tobacco and chemical substances (drugs).

Journal devoted to evidence based treatment for all forms of addiction and dependency. Includes a list of treatment centres and self help information.

Dedicated to recognizing and treating meat addiction. Essays and photo gallery.

A brief article looking at the physical changes among those who are food addicted and those who are allergic.

Information on the twelve-step program and a quiz to determine whether you are an addict or not.

Twelve-step support network for gaming addicts. Includes news, explanation of the 12-step approach, and forums.

A site that provides support and resources for 'gamer widow(er)s'. Message boards, chat room, articles and links to support those who are feeling neglected by their gamer (video/console/online gamers) partner.

Offers resources that deal with internet addiction, as well as offers tips on cyber-wellness.

Information and professional as well as self-help resources on the growing problem of internet and computer addiction and their psychological and social implications.

Help with addictive or compulsive computer-based sexual activity and cyber-infidelity problems.

Case study with references, and annotated list of links with ratings.

Compiled by James Fearing, Ph.D.

Official website of the AAAP.

Provides information and support for addiction professionals and individuals in recovery. Includes links to other related lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender resources.

Non-profit faith based addictions program helping people find freedom from addiction.

Think tank that focuses on the study of all forms of substance abuse, and how it affects society.

A treatment center that focuses on non 12 step program.

Simple explanation of alcohol abuse written for teens. Similar pages about other drugs.

Find headlines and articles that are updated regularly. RSS feed available.

Resource that provides links to a wide range of substance abuse resources. Provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Two dozen questions and answers on alcoholism and problem drinking.

The NCADD is a volunteer health organization providing education, information, help, and hope. Includes alcoholism facts, and youth information.

Provides information regarding alcohol server education mandated by the New Mexico Dept. of Alcohol and Gaming.

Consumer health resource center providing an overview of alcoholism and its causes, symptoms and treatment.

Information on a receptor believed to be related to alcoholism and depression.

Find beliefs, get the facts, start a conversation and stop impaired driving. Includes blog, media center, advisory board members and contact form.

Provides online self-assessment tools and health-based information to help individuals identify risky drinking patterns or current alcohol problems.

Promoting decisions concerning alcohol. Providing information about alcohol poisoning, binge drinking, blood alcohol level meanings. Responsible choices concerning alcohol.

Straightforward information for alcoholics, drug abusers, and co-dependents. For those in recovery and those not yet there. Free newsletter, articles, stories, images, links, and resources.