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Fan page of Timestream: The Remnant features PDF format rules.

Offers a selection of discussion forums.

Features card information and deck tips.

Offers game and ordering information.

Role-playing card game of international espionage and intrigue.

Offers card scans, lists and text, game rules and play strategies, articles and magazine ads.

Based on the Mutant Chronicles techno-fantasy setting. Includes Dark Eden-related information.

Information on Tom Filsinger's "Champions of the Galaxy" and "Legends of Wrestling" card games.

Offers an extensive card search including both English releases and Japanese translations.

Buy, sell, or trade both U.S. and foreign cards. Includes pictures and information.

Provides downloadable card variation checklists, price guide, and FAQ.

Dedicated to one of the clans. Has information and tourney news.

Includes a weekly strategy column.

Search for L5R CCG cards, rulings, artwork, reviews. Discussion, strategy, and deck archive.

Card search engine, deck builder, and collection tracking site. Includes cardsets, forums, and rules.

Provides articles, news, strategy, deck reports, and a card price guide.

Search engine for the latest card combinations.

Strategy guides and price lists.

Spoiler lists, decks, strategy, and discussions.

Forum and blog.

Magic articles for casual players, a message board, chat, and online polls.

Reviews, criticism, and theories.

Free tips for beginners on improving game play.

Large card scans with detailed information on each.

Offers card set information and details about magic rarities such as misprints, special reprints, promos, oversized cards, and counters.

Latest spoilers, unreleased sets information and MTG news.

A list of Magic the Gathering cards including information on them.

A sophisticated freeware database for MtG deck builders and collectors. The Magic Analyst is a virtual library of all the cards ever printed, making it easy to catalog and appraise your collection, find key cards, and construct better decks.

A freeware package designed to enable online play of Magic: The Gathering. It also includes features to assist with deck construction and card inventory.

A freeware application for deck construction, multiplayer, and net draft.