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Annual tournament In Andalusia, Alabama with a history of awarding over $450,000 in prize money and trophies. Includes area information, history of dominoes, previous champions, prize money, registration, tournament rules, and schedule of events.

Portal with a collection of rules, as well as a directory of domino games for Windows, Macintosh, PocketPC, PalmOS, and online play.

Rules and strategy for 42, a four-player domino game. Graphics and sample hand included. Download available.

Shows drawings with brief explanation of some moves and the rules.

Official site with game information, testimonials, photographs, and purchasing information.

Loose summary of Japanese terminology, game play and scoring.

Includes related software, beginners guide, rules, history, symbolism, club and tournament listing, and links.

International competitions news, calendar and forum. European Mahjong Association player rankings. Summary of major rules used in tournaments. Book and computer game reviews. In English and Dutch.

Repository of the newsgroup's FAQ. Documentation about most aspects of the game : rules variations, types of sets, accessories, tips for buyers and sellers, basic strategies, books, links. Exchange board to find players and trade sets.

Software for tracking and calculating game results.

Forum mainly for players in Germany. In English and German.

Mahjong sets dealer giving advice about care, restoration and purchase of vintage sets.

Information on the history, symbolism and rules of major Mahjong variants. Maintained by Lagarto, the maker of Four Winds Mah Jong game software.

Rules and guide to the game of Mahjong, with an emphasis on Hong Kong Old Style Scoring.

Documentary film about Jewish and Asian women who play Mahjong.

Designed to have a scoring system that is simple, while emphasising skill rather than luck.

Devoted to vintage board games of the 1920s through 1940s with an emphasis on Mahjong. Includes photo galleries and information on care and restoration.

Detailed instructions on playing Japanese Four and Three-Player Mahjong.

Archives of all postings made on Usenet between January 1998 and November 2000.

A website dedicated to old Mah Jongg games and accessories.

A complete reference for the Japanese Mahjong (reach mahjong). Rules, strategy guides and everything related to the game.

An illustrated description of Mah-Jong (BMJA rules) with beginners’ guide. Advice & info about other sites, buying sets, clubs, organizations, teachers.

A website about Mah Jongg scoring system developed for international competitions.

Encourages, disseminates and coordinates the playing of Mahjong in Europe.

Represents American Maajh players since 1937. Publishes a new set of hands each year.

Formed in 1999 to promotes the game in the United-States of America.

An initiative of the Korean based software company TankSoft. Nonprofit organization for promoting Mahjong. Hosts online games and organizes world-wide tournaments with money prizes. In Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese.

Information about the strategic board and card game for all ages created by Tom and Liz Norris.

Rules to the game of Mexican trains, played with double twelve dominoes.

The proposed game allows one to place dominoes elements onto playing board squares.