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Searchable fantasy resource for game masters and players for original plots and items.

News and reviews for current and upcoming roleplaying games. Also features a RPG Database, release dates, message board, fonts, and gaming databases for Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars d20, Exalted, and World of Darkness.

Offering roleplaying news and reviews, product information, links and a list of RPG shops in the United Kingdom.

Audio resources for roleplaying sessions, as well as audio reviews and downloads.

News and reviews with forums and chatrooms.

Information and resources for game masters and players.

John H. Kim's FAQ, dealing with abstract (no one system) and RPG classification issues.

Features articles, essays, reviews, and email newsletters.

The Gen Con EN World RPG Awards ("ENnies") are an annual fan-based celebration of excellence in tabletop roleplaying. Nominees and prior winners are presented with voting opportunity and staff as well as a blog.

Sophia blogt über Pen&Paper-Rollenspiel und verwandte Themen. Der Schwerpunkt liegt auf freien und regelarmen Regelsystemen, narrativen Systemen, Systemen für Kinder, Spielleitertipps und gelegentlichen Spielrundenberichten.

Book excerpts, sounds, and links of interest to role-players. Also, read Xenograg's own words about himself and others.

Publishers of Kevin Siembieda's Palladium system role playing games, including Beyond the Supernatural, Heroes Unlimited, Macross II, Nightbane, Ninjas and Superspies, Rifts, Robotech, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness.

Issaries Inc., founded by Greg Stafford, publishes Hero Wars: Roleplaying in Glorantha. Information on the Hero Wars game, and the mythical world of Glorantha.

Covers BattleLords and BloodDawn.

AEG is a publisher of Shadis Magazine - the source of information about hobby gaming industry. Most known AEG games: Shadis and Legend of the Five Rings.

The official KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY!The Beer and Pretzels RPG website. Includes game information, errata, free downloads, and maps.

Developer of Continuum, the time travel RPG, and Yamara, comic strip and RPG.

Publisher of The Legend of Yore, a roleplaying game based in a fantasy medieval world.

Dedicated to Cheap, humorous games - makers of OG, role-playing as cavemen and Battle Cattle.

Produces the QAGS (Quick Ass Game System) RPG and supplements. Comics, and philosophy.

Publisher of historically-based science fiction roleplaying games.

Finnish game company publishing games in Finnish and English.

Licensed publishers of Earthdawn RPG.

An independent d20 System electronic publisher of rpg accessories and supplements, founded by Brian K. Moseley.

Open source and open gaming supporting developers of roleplaying games, websites, and software.

The publisher of tabletop roleplaying games and other products in the adventure games industry including Monster Island: The Game of Giant Monster Combat.

Creators of the Trystell fantasy setting: an easy-to-learn system with free Internet play.

RPG publishers designing and distributing Chivalry and Sorcery material, BITS Traveller, role-playing game utilities and medieval games.

Company that publishes FUDGE, Gatecrasher, and other great Role-Playing game stuff. Includes other 3rd-party FUDGE game resources such as optional rules, magic systems, characters, monsters or creatures, adventures and campaign backgrounds.

Publisher of Nebulon, Shades of Earth, and Tales of Gaea. Features additional material, forums, online shop, information about the developers, short story archive, and a character generator.