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Educational puzzles, brain teasers, mathematical recreations and word games. A resource for anagrams, cryptograms, alphametics, word puzzles, logic problems, doublets, tangrams, chess, and math quizzes.

Crosswords, wordsearches, cryptograms, quizzes, wordplay and other interactive and printable puzzles and games.

Includes charades, riddles, and enigmas.

Shareware software programs available to create custom crossword and word searches.

Pictographic puzzle microcosm of old and new playing cards, poems, games and lore. New suits: the zodiac, solar system, evolution, human family, ancient elements, astronomical basis of the calendar and compass.

Contests of varying difficulty and types. Also has tutorials with worked examples and practice games. [Registration required]

Offers printable crossword and sudoku puzzles. Puzzles are offered daily and weekly with an archive. Also offers a crossword dictionary, daily horoscope, and discussion forums.

Flat-to-box puzzles in foam. Six square can build a cube, combining five squares with two pentagon pieces gives pentagon box. Six levels. Solutions too.

Includes description and photos of a dinosaur fossil excavation puzzle.

Recreational mathematics including puzzles to make and solve, tessellations, geometric puzzles, optical illusions, and curiosities.

Riddles, brainteasers, cryptograms, anagrams, and logic puzzles. Compete in eight new contests monthly.

A beautifully illustrated collection of puzzles, riddles, and paradoxes. Features a changing "unsolved puzzle" plus three years worth of previous puzzles.

Some real mind benders here.

Crosswords and other word puzzles and games, samples; monthly puzzle magazine; 800,000 word searchable list.

A collection of visual and linguistic riddles.

Challenge your mind with free online riddles/puzzles, logic games, brain teasers and view optical illusions.

Collection of visual brain teasers which can be solved by saying what you see.

Over 60 brain teasers to enhance your mind.

Have fun with games, puzzles, brainteasers and humor as you learn about logic and analysis.

An archive of many popular puzzles from the rec.puzzles newsgroup.

Collection of logic problems to solve. Printable.

A community based site with competitions, challenges, awards, a help centre, forums and games.

Word puzzles, riddles, rebuses, brain teasers, mazes, cliparts and pictures.

A collection of math, logic, and word puzzles.

Brain teasers, puzzles, riddles, games and optical illusions.

Collection of puzzles including riddles, logic puzzles and sequential puzzles.

A collection of logic puzzles, riddles and brain teasers.

Recreations for active minds including games, puzzles, math, words, images, books, software and web guide.

Brain teasers, riddles, logic puzzles and problems, paradoxes, optical illusions, IQ tests and logical games.

Answers to technical interview questions, programming problems, and brain teasers.