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An automated web platform for creating and deploying professional esports websites.

Developer of more than 70 BBS door games such as Gangland Wars, Concentration and Dominoes.

Developer of BBS Door games such as Barren Realms Elite, Dungeon Master, and Global Backgammon. Offers Bulletin Board System utilities, game information, and online ordering.

A forum where fans discuss the BBS door game Operation: Overkill II.

Developer of BBS doors such as FreeLiner and The Magic Oracle.

Wiki features articles, screenshots, and downloads for more than 40 BBS door games.

Standalone telnet server for hosting old BBS door games that works on modern Windows and Linux systems.

Collection of family-oriented BBS door games, ranging from action to LORD IGMs to fill-in-the-blanks.

Home of Galactic Overlord, Mines of Gorr, and several dice games.

Developer of Land of Devastation and Galactic Warzone. Includes source code to many unfinished door game projects.

Site features collection of current and previous Usurper releases.

A collection of stories based on the SRE game. Also includes a money making strategy article.

The first version of TradeWars was written by Chris Sherrick in the mid-'80s. John Morris calls his version TradeWars 2 today to avoid confusion with other games.

Advanded Tradewars Tactical Assault and Combat is a TCP/IP helper for the internet game Tradewars. Available as ATTAC Light and ATTAC Pro.

The official support site of the Trade Wars: 2002 Game Server, Door, and Gold versions.

List of recent updates of other sites, a forum, files for download, news, strategy guides, and annual award results.

Includes an archive for modifications to version 2.0 and earlier.

Official support forums by Epic Interactive Strategy. Offers news and discussion of TradeWars.

Home Page of SWATH, a Helper program used to play Tradewars 2002. Can be configured for games up to 20,000 sectors now.

Scripts for Telemate and ZOC that automate repetitive game tasks.

ICE9 is a community based Trade Wars 2002 game server featuring Trade Wars Gold Edition.

Dialup and telnet BBS located in Florida, offers free Tradewars.

Categorized directory of free realtime multiplayer online games. Includes description and screenshot of each game.

Categorized directory of online games including description and ratings.

Lists online and downloadable games in categories that include pets, role playing, strategy, action/arcade, and sports. Includes rankings, message boards, and news.

Searches and reviews online games that help keep your mind sharp.

Describes the method of game management used for one of the earliest MUDs.

Introduction, news, and information on guilds and history. Site has a direct link to login.

The official Avatar MUD web site. Providers various discussions and detailed guides.

Medieval fantasy hack and slash setting. Site features sections on staff, equipment, spells, potions, skills, maps and auctions.