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Price comparison site for collectible miniatures such as Star Wars miniatures and Dungeons and Dragon miniatures.

Has forums, advice and hints on buying and painting miniatures and user-submitted galleries. Portal with topical message boards, galleries and links, as well as downloads, reviews and stories set in the Games Workshop worlds.

Community-supported repository of miniature wargaming information. Featuring how-to's on painting and terrain, user galleries, message boards, and advice from experienced gamers and modellers.

A free combat system based on mechanised combat ranging from historical, through present to future and science fiction.

Coordinates trading of collectible miniatures. Automatic match of figures and notification of new miniatures for trade.

Games resources, including rules, paper miniatures, and tips and advice.

Covers everything from miniature war gaming including tactics and strategy, to painting and collecting. Covers many of the popular gaming supplements and rule systems.

Contains galleries of painted miniatures of various genres as well as battle reports and house rules also on a variety of wargames.

2-Part liquid plastic resin casting compound for creating or copying, and for business, hobby or craft use.

Creators of pre-printed and custom waterslide decals for Battletech and other miniature lines and games.

Spin Off from Target Games, creators of several roleplaying games, such as Warzone, Chronopia, Drakar och Demoner and Mutant Chronicles.

Publishers of a wide assortment of rulebooks and rulesets for gaming in many periods and settings. Creators of the popular Rail Wars and Deadlands titles.

Publishers of miniatures based role playing games including 'Noble Armada', 'Ships of the Line' and 'Fantasy Encounters'. Quick reference sheets and other gaming aids, online shop and announcements.

Fantasy roleplaying game featuring the artwork of Susan Van Camp.

Unofficial web site featuring Mechs and vehicles from the Battletech universe. Details and photos of models created with LEGO in minifig scale.

Developers of a ruleset that uses children's plastic army men instead of miniatures. Features sections on updates, previews, frequently asked questions and ordering information.

The official web site for the Seekrieg Naval Wargame rules and a host of resources for all naval wargamers.

Developers of a non-tournament historical set of rules; set in the Ancient period, as well as providing information on tactics, armies and scenarios for Ancient wargames.

Designer of the popular "Fuzzy Hero's" game, along with many other role-playing products, miniatures, and toys in combat.

Producers of wargaming rulesets covering historical, fantasty and science fiction genres. Also produces several lines of 25mm resin-cast wargaming ships and accessories.

Creators of the Cyberpunk and Dark Horizions roleplay gaming modules. Also has downloadable free scenarios for both games.

Publisher of board and role-playing games including Road Kill Rally a unique car-based game.

Official site for the Vis Bellica rules for wargaming the Ancients period. News, views, scenarios, amendments and rule clarifications.

Publisher of Hour of Glory, a game on covert operations in World War II.

Official Site. Rules and organizations for division-Level wargaming in the Modern Era by Alex Macris and John Moher. Designer's notes, Frequently asked questions, errata, optional rules, scenarios and list of suppliers.

Enter the World of Valon, where armies of Orcs, Elves, Dogs, Dwarves, Goblins and sinister Undead are locked in a deadly battle for supremacy.

32mm miniatures based upon The Lord of the Rings and the works of JRR Tolkien.

Community. This site offers a variety of tools; including an Army Builder, Collection Organizer, and a Search Engine for statistics and information of every Mage Knight figure. It also has a large active Forum.

Dedicated to collectors and wargamers who play with Dark Elves miniatures.

Famous fictitious brewery that includes new rules for a selection of Games Workshop games and a links section and active forum.