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Features rules and tips.

Rules and scoring for the five-handed version.

Rules for a 7-deck variation.

Features articles on strategy and tactics and a monthly quiz.

Game overview, rules and tips. Also offers boards, cards, software and online gaming information.

Organization sanctions tournaments and authorizes grassroots clubs throughout North America.

Results, news and information. Based in the Reading, England area.

Clubs in British Columbia, Canada, with tournament schedule and details.

Guide to variations on many Rummy card games, rules, quotes and historical data.

Rules on Rummy games such as Gin Rummy and Rummy 500 with terms and scoring data.

A site where you can play multiplayer 13 card rummy online.

Covers the tournament schedule. Includes rules, winner information, links, and mailing list sign up.

Guide to Gin Rummy rules and variations with info on how to keep score in gin.

Gin Rummy guide with tutorials, rules and strategies for both advanced and amateur gin players.

A history of Gin Rummy game in general with references to Conquian and Elwood T Baker.

Features rules, history and overview for Gin Rummy games.

A site that offers the game rules and statistics along with a free version to play it.

Offers free gin rummy games and online players community.

Detailed instructions for playing Gin Rummy and its variations.

Information about Gin Rummy game and its variations.

A wide variety of tarot cards and card games.

Develops and distributes solitaire and video poker card games.

Rules and strategy tips for Cribbage, Rummy, Solitaire and other games of skill

Instructions for 50+ card games, categorized by the number of players needed.

Rules and card information for Tarock, a basic version of Tarot played in Austria and other central European countries.

Provides game rules and strategy for Creights, Barbu, Ninety-nine, Psychological Jujitsu and Canadian Fish.

An instructional guide for various card games. Includes Whist, 3 Player Euchre, Solo Whist and Oklahoma Gin.

Includes Bezique, Euchre, Skat, Polignac, and other games by game family.

Guide to winning Monopoly Deal Cards. Includes tips and an extensive strategy list.

Multiple FAQs about cards and card games, plus a worldwide list of playing card societies.