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  • A Adults (18 and older)
  • T Teens (13-17)
  • K Kids (12 and under)

A list of smilies used on Usenet.

Offers reviews of several websites on newsgroups. Includes a forum where users can share ideas and get assistance.

Homepage of the public domain encoding format widely used in binary newsgroups. A stand alone yEnc decoder is also available for download with its source code.

Offers binary newsgroup tutorials covering downloading, posting and use of software tools. Includes messageboard.

Presents newsgroups and newsreaders with a particular focus on binary newsgroups.

General presentation of binary newsgroups: specific terms, provider comparison with a pricing table, newsgroup listings and a quick review of newsreader software.

A brief introduction to Usenet, particularly focusing on selecting a server and choosing a newsreader. Also features a collection of useful links.

Explains how to use binary newsgroups.

Information and reviews on newsgroup access providers and newsreaders along with basic tutorials.

Offers the latest news about Australian ISPs' Usenet services, also includes tutorials on how to get started with programs like Alt.Binz, Newsleecher and Grabit along with a collection of links.

A directory of Usenet FAQs classified by theme rather than by newsgroup.

alt.smokers.cigars related FAQ. The definitive document on the pleasures of smoking by cybersmokers all over the world.

Charter, group origins, posting guidelines and other FAQs.

Netiquette for the newsgroup, adult film awards, celebrities in adult movies, and many other aspects of the adult film industry.

Faqs on html language.

Basic information about Satanism and the Church of Satan, including explanations of sins and symbolism and information about becoming a member.

Answers to common questions about Freemasonry.

Hosts the unofficial FAQ of alt.binaries.sounds.anime which includes general information on binary newsgroups and related tools as well as specific guidelines for this newsgroups.

Covers web development, web design and web mastering, covering everything from browsers, editors and utilities for creating websites through to server side solutions, legal and copyright questions.

Provides partly speed capped unlimited plans. Connections allowed with their proprietary client software only.

Personal newsgroups accounts and ISP Usenet outsourcing with news servers in Europe and North America. Headers not included in download quota, and text articles never expire.

Based in Europe, offers metered and unlimited accounts.

Usenet news service providing both individual and business feeds. Prices of the unlimited plans vary depending on the retention rate. Free headers for the metered account.

Accounts for individuals and ISP Usenet outsourcing. Provides unlimited downloads at various prices and offers free SSL encryption with all accounts. A detailed network status page is also available.

Access to 35,000 newsgroups with a newsreader or using a web browser such as Firefox. For individual, corporate and ISP outsourcing use. Also offers private newsgroup hosting for professional customers.

Metered accounts for individuals. Live retention statistics and system status page.

NNTP service for individuals featuring over 55,000 uncensored newsgroups. Web site includes list of newsgroups. [NNTPServer/ (aka Yottanews/Bubbanews/Teranews) Reseller] reseller offering download accounts of 2000 megabytes per day for individuals. A web-to-news gateway is available. Makes unsubstantiated claims on its site that it does not log uploads.

Differing pricing levels based on desired download bandwidth. A non recurring pay-as-you-go plan is available. Free header downloads.

European based provider offering multiple news servers. A system status page and a "Web Gateway" (beta) are provided. Headers not included in download quota. [ Reseller]