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Includes news, analysis, and discussion about supercomputing.

Ranking of supercomputers according to the LINPACK benchmark. Links to news articles.

Links to member institutions and published papers.

News portal covering the high performance computing industry. Includes whitepapers, blogs, conference listings and job search.

Provides access to CAE applications and high performance computing resources via the Internet. Features different applications, services, and technologies.

Reseller of used high performance computers from a variety of manufacturers.

Integrator of second generation open source Linux-based clusters.

Supplier visualization and high-performance computing systems. Based in Belmont, California.

Offering Linux clusters for the scientific, biomedical and geophysical industry.

International Supercomputer Conference. Heidelberg, Germany.

An independent, international consortium of organizations that own or use Cray or SGI computer systems. Includes membership details, announcements, conference details, and working group information.

Resource for alumni of Cray Research. Includes a database of members, free e-mail addresses, news, and a bulletin board.

Official site for the supercomputers company. Includes details of products, job opportunities, and investor information.

Tribute to Seymour Cray with many comments from visitors.