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Mailing list dedicated to the discussion of patch management.

Fee based patch alert service.

Provides security advisories and information about patches, and provides software for vulnerability management.

Searchable database of vulnerabilities. Offers data for download in XML format as well as via website. Details of how to submit new vulnerabilities, database schema and FAQ.

List of security announcements and information on how to sign up to security mailing list.

Develops general purpose digital rights management platform which serves as foundation for providers of digital information, technology and commerce services to participate in a global system for digital commerce. (Nasdaq: ITRU).

Makers of several related products. Includes rationale as well as usage information.

Makers of both software and hardware systems. Demos, case studies and product information.

Information on various methods for WWW password protection using Internet Information Server (IIS). Text-based tutorial with some screenshots.

Functions with Internet Information Server to secure web sites. Includes live demo.

ID-Synch, identity management software for managing user administration processes. Product information, customers, press releases and contact details.

ZSentry two-factor authentication solution. Product information, white papers and contact details.

Enterprise security solutions based on PKI and Kerberos. Also offer a secure terminal emulator for connecting to Unix servers from Windows. Product information and downloadable evaluation software.

Standards organization with a global membership that provides a holistic approach to identity through open technical specifications. Specifications, initiatives and membership.

Password synchronization and role based access control across UNIX, Windows NT and resident applications. Site contains FAQs.

Created to establish Kerberos as a universal authentication platform for the world's computer networks. Includes news and events, details of sponsors and those involved, and membership information.

Describes the factors used to grant the user access to the system.

Guest post from a user's point of view, analyzing the usability and security of TFA.

Analyzing secure methods from the perspective of governments.

Password tokens delivered on key fobs, palm pilots, hardware or software. Security for dial in, access control, internet and web connections. Offers a strong two factor system. Management software. Includes rationale and business case for token-based access.

OTP (S/Key) calculator for MacOS X, MacOS X Server and NEXTSTEP. RFC-2289 compliant. Software downloads, documentation and an introduction to the technology.

An OTP (S/Key) calculator for Nokia 9000 cellular phones. Includes S/Key information and resources.

Provides primary or secondary authentication by regularly distributing passwords (or parts of passwords) through wireless phones. Time locked access.

otpCalc is an RFC2289 and RFC1760 compliant one time password calculator, written to use the GTK+ library for screen I/O.

Providers of servers, network appliances and consulting. Site includes user group functionality.

A python log analyzer for servers. Available under the Open Source license. Includes advantages and disadvantages, usage information, and latest features.

Open-source successor to Cistron. Release information, and an invitation to new developers.

UK distributor of Steel Belted server. Corporate information, offers and evaluations.

Radius log analysis program written in Perl. [GNU GPL, outdated]

Windows based application offering authentication via Microsoft SQL server.