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Art in The Realm of Machines. Conference and exhibition about computerbased art held in Malmö (Sweden) in October 2000.

A festival incorporating exhibitions and performances by artists who use computer technology as an integral part of their work: contains articles and interviews about artists; gallery; kids can submit digital self-portraits.

A digital creativity initiative, exploring new forms and hybrids of moving image. Includes an annual festival, commissioning and production of cutting edge digital video and new media.

Features abstract and non-narrative electronic motion imaging in relationship to music and sound.

Conference in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

A multidisciplinary event where artists and scientists come together to discuss, demonstrate and exhibit their work.

Electronic music, video, robot art, software art, web art, electronic installations and performances.

Festival in Hong Kong that promotes cultural exchange and appreciation of new media art.

Yearly festival of digital culture including visualists, musicians, designers, programmers, researchers, enthusiasts, held in Helsinki.

Annual festival concerning the role of digital technologies in contemporary society.

New media arts festival in Vienna and Tokyo.

An organization which works toward the complete automatization of art production. Sample visual, musical and performance pieces, as well as publications on the theory of machine-generated art.

Portfolio of art created using generative software, academic papers on generative art and complexity science and software for these, notes for a course taught on generative art practice, links and topic bibliography.

Online gallery of public interactive light installation by Chaos Computer Club turning a building at the heart of Berlin into a huge computer screen. People can play Pong using their mobile phone and create animations with downloadable tool.

Brazilian artist Josely Carvalho focuses on shelter as a metaphor for that which houses the human soul. Digital video interactive project and website installation.

a digital composition in film and music by Tom America and Rob Moonen. A work in progress, the site is a log book. Berlin 2004, muzieklab

An interactive installation conceived and realised by Electronic Shadow (Naziha Mestaoui and Yacine Aït Kaci), the duo of hybrid creation between real and virtual.

Features a series of collaborative animation movies recreating some of the first video games using human-beings as the pixels. Created by Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond.

Several digital installation projects and hardware/software tools for artists.

Poetical and social self-portrait of Xavier Cahen. Website shows his self-portrait as a flash/video sequence and it is the way to lead the viewer into the artist's world.

Multimedia, communications and biological artist. Includes biographical information, links to various online artwork and publications.

Information on and examples of the work of this Dutch video and media artist, which has produced several interactive installations.

Artist who uses digital and traditional media to explore the self as unfolding and in process with interactive installation, immersive environments, multimedia performance and digital collage.

Video, installation, performance and sound works of a German media-artist living and working in Korea.

Sound/video/installation artist, writer, and cultural geographer working out of the Department of Geography at the University of California at Berkeley.

The website of Berlin artist Rolf Langebartels and Art Association Giannozzo - a collection of items relating to Sound Art.

Personal, performance, and professional information about the artist.

Interactive installations exploring technologies such as body sensing, gps, information visualization, conceptual mapping

Ian Haig works across media from interactive installation, video, web art and sculpture. Wacky, funny and beautiful work.

Electronic media artist Alexander Hahn, working with 3-D, video and virtual reality technologies.