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A fashion blog, where users can click on the videos and get further information on the items shown.

A guide to the latest trends, luxury lifestyle and shopping.

Covering indie fashion entrepreneurs, innovators, visionaries, with a Los Angeles-centric outlook.

Video-driven site with reports from the world of supermodels and international designer fashion shows.

Toronto-based multimedia publication exploring urban culture.

Online complement to magazine dealing with fashion, culture and emerging designers.

Pakistani website, with fashion, beauty and celebrity news.

Quarterly, independently produced digital fashion magazine, with regularly updated blog.

Designer interviews and fashion news, from Pakistan.

Unearthing the forces shaping international fashion and design, through the lenses of business, culture, and society.

Quarterly Flash-based fashion, beauty and travel magazine, with more regular updates via a blog.

Fashion, style, and beauty headlines as well as do-it-yourself tips.

Interviews with industry insiders and editorial features.

Covering fashion from Pakistan and India.

Flash-based magazine featuring modelling, photography, video art and design.

Online magazine covering luxury brands and news.

Online magazine with monthly photo editorials and new articles weekly about nightlife, fashion, beauty, and accessories.

A web magazine featuring original photography and coverage of fashion, beauty, art, entertainment, lifestyle and the environment. Updated daily.

Features on luxury, fashion, getaways, and the arts.

Articles on fashion, beauty, culture, and entertainment since 2006.

Coverage of shows and fashion weeks, with encyclopædia section covering the history of fashion.

Online magazine presenting fashion shows in real time.

Beauty, fashion, make-up, and natural hair articles, and celebrity interviews.

Online magazine covering fashion trends, jewellery, beauty, and home décor.

Digital version of quarterly, featuring art, fashion and celebrity interviews.

Quick hits on fashion, style, celebrity, culture, and beauty news.

Web counterpart to Dubai-based bi-monthly with brief daily updates.

Fashion trends, celebrity news and tips from South Korea.

Online version of the well-known UK-based emerging fashion, art, travel and culture magazine.

Covering fashion, beauty, travel, cuisine and pop culture.