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Selected street fashion from Helsinki, Finland.

Street fashion pictures from Barcelona, Spain.

All about wild Japanese street fashion, with a focus on Gothic Lolita.

Weekly fashion marketing research by Japan Fashion Association.

Explores the style of Berlin.

Tribute to the 20th century designer of furniture, lighting, wall art and fabrics. He is known for designing inflatable furniture and single molded plastic chairs. Includes biography and details of his works with photographs.

Magazine and resource offering calendar of events, firm listings, jobs section, forums, articles and competitions.

Features strategic industrial design advice: how to design clever products and master the business of design.

Portfolio consisting of furniture and architecture projects, industrial design and innovative high tech products.

Presents his award winning product, interface, and web design.

Design, Corsica, Ducati Ring, 748 Limited.

Portfolio of an industrial designer/consultant.

Freelance designer based in San Francisco, California, United States. Portfolio and resume.

Illustrations and explorations in industrial design.

Belgian industrial designer with MA in Three Dimensional Design from the University of Kent, UK.

Online design portfolio featuring graphic design, product design, and web design.

Australian product designer and engineer. Portfolio includes creative design works, new concepts, manufacturing technologies, CAD/CAM/CAE modelling, and sketching.

Portfolio of Philip Madden, Graduate of the University of Cincinnati's Industrial Design program. Contains consumer products, furniture, and soft goods.

Italian designer specializing in consumer products, accessories and home furniture.

Portfolio of Canadian Industrial Designer displaying a wide range of content, varying from art to product design.

Canadian Industrial Designer featuring conceptually motivated product designs and installations.

Online Industrial Design portfolio featuring consumer product concepts.

An Industrial Designer/Artist whose work is a mixture of product design and artistic exploration of media.

Researcher in the design, development, and evaluation of socially interactive robots. Includes links to research projects and personal online content.

A degreed industrial and mechanical design consultant with 20+ years of product design/development experience.

Product designer based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Young belgian industrial designer, who recently graduated from brussels design school.

Industrial designer, scenography artist and jewellery maker in Warsaw, Poland.

Online portfolio featuring product, furniture, and packaging design of an Italy based designer.

Lukas Gopp is a young austrian product designer. Online portfolio features consumer products and graphic design.