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Provides engineering solutions and graphic simulations for industrial automation, robotics, machine design, electro-optical systems.

Developer of the IR820 SCARA robot and related automation products for the semiconductor equipment and biotech/pharmaceutical automation markets.

Buyer and seller of used robots and robot parts for industrial manufacturers such as Motoman, Panasonic, ABB, Fanuc and others.

Specialises in robots that do automated paint and surface treatments such as finishing and grinding. Based in Sweden.

A level 4 servicing integrator that offers full service robotic solutions from concept to installation as well as service and support.

Specializing in new and used robots for system integration. Includes contact information.

Buys, sells and installs new and used industrial robots. Specialising in used 6-axis models. Includes stock list. Based in United Kingdom.

Robotics kits and electronic parts.

Autonomous modular robot kits based on OOPics. The kits are modular and can be bought in different configurations.

Provides several low-cost robot kits as well as specialized parts and supplies.

Developer, manufacturer, and distributor of mobile robot kits and components for research and educational use. Based in Stuttgart, Germany.

Sells robot kits, controllers, and accessories suitable for educational resource requirements and amateur robotics enthusiasts. Located in Somerset, United Kingdom.

Manufacturer of SD/MMC card access, MP3 audio modules for microcontrollers, and electronics educational kits.

Distributor of robot kits, electronic kits, and other educational kits. Online store.

Supplier of robotic kits, components, and training for robot building enthusiasts. Based in Berkshire, United Kingdom.

Educational electronics kits that provide reusable, snap together circuit components.

17DOF humanoid Robo-One robot kit. Website includes photos, technical details and assembly guide.

Online store offering a variety of beginner-level robot kits.

Developer of bionic devices including orthotics and prosthetics, neurotechnology with neurosensor and neurostimulator implants, and active biomaterials. Site in French and English.

BEST stands for Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology. BEST is a non-profit organization that promotes team problem solving aided by local industry volunteers, teachers, and mentors through yearly competitions.

Robot Riots robot combat event in Toronto - check site for latest event. Part of the Toronto Robot Fight Club.

This site has information on the annual competition where college students design and construct autonomous ground vehicles to compete in the Autonomous Challenge Competition Vehicle Design Competition and Navigation Challenge Competition. The site consists of Location and date, rules, team photographs, entry application, news, and results from previous competitions.

A technical, scientific and entertaining challenge organised in France for students from engineering schools, universities or for private scientific clubs.

Annual competition in San Francisco, formerly known as RobOlympics. Classes and their rules, results and pictures from previous years, registration and ticket information.

Provides registration and tracking resources for robot competitions. Includes interface for teams and event organizers, and public pages describing the entries by category.

Canadian robot games which include, Atomic Hockey , Robotic Sumo Wrestling, Robotic "Seek and Capture", Mini-Tractor Pull, and Robo-Critters.

Annual contest in Slovakia includes linefollower, micromouse, minisumo, and a free style category.

A competition of developing technologies for the integration of technological achievements in everyday life, and as a means of documenting the creation of new interfaces for man-machine-interaction.

Official site has upcoming events, rules and registration information, and news.

Combat history of this lifting bot as well as general tips on building combat robots.