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Robot accessories including clamps, brackets, air and water assemblies, transgun cables, and custom components.

Robot end-of-arm peripherals and accessories including collision sensors, safety joints and grippers.

Online store providing components used in mobile robots and battlebot-style combat vehicles including speed controllers, pneumatics, transmissions, and motors.

Has robot components for the beginner, student projects and advanced hobbyist.

An online store that manufactures custom purpose-built electronics, mechanical parts and accessories for building competition and hobby robots.

Company offering microcontrollers for automation, control, robotics and other embedded systems projects.

Manufactures dexterous robotic grippers.

UK online store for robotic components including speed controllers and RC control parts.

Offers orientation sensors, AHRS, angular position sensors and sensors for educational, commercial and personal robotics.

Designs components for robotics and mobility applications and offers robot parts, systems, wheels, motors and robotic applications.

Australian company offers online robotic and embedded components and accessories for research and educational institutions.

Provides USB motor controllers, sensors, and I/O components for robot hobbyists, inventors, students, and programmers.

Develops and produces vision systems for robot guidance.

Specializes in robot components for the hobbyist and student and provides controllers, motors, sensors, gearboxes, chassis, wheels and motor drivers.

Supplier of advanced precision automated welding and assembly equipment for small and medium-size parts. Located in Switzerland

Manufacturer of industrial robots for palletizing, welding, handling and other plant automation systems. Technical information and simulation software. Based in Germany.

Offers sprue pickers and material handling systems for the plastics industry. Based in Europe.

Germany. Offers welding systems and 6-axis welding robots.

Features custom designed Robosuits to protect robotic equipment from harsh manufacturing environments.

Offers a range of robotic integration solutions. Based in Germany.

Maintains a large inventory of new and reconditioned robots and automation equipment.

Manufactures and markets intelligent robotics hardware and software for the manufacturing, electronics, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, food processing and automotive industries.

Markets new and used robots as well as parts from companies like ASEA, Fanuc, Motoman, and GMF.

UK. Features this Kawasaki robot integrator providing either robots or turnkey systems, including special purpose equipment such as vision systems.

Provides customized protective coverings for the automotive industry. Offers coverings designed for robots, paint systems, industrial tooling, vehicles, parts, packaging, and personnel.

Features a wide range of single and tandem 6-axis robots as well as simulation software.

Japan. Learn about the range of robots, motion control products, and machine tools made by this firm.

Features this manufacturer of small assembly robots of both SCARA and articulated architecture.

Products include robots and robotic systems, tooling, automation, and laboratory automation. The US representative for CRS Robotics Corporation.

Features an overview of articulated, cylindrical and Cartesian robots made by this firm as well as controls, software and applications.