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Provides robotics technology and software for use in consumer, professional, and military robotics applications.

Maker of ER1 robot kit. Also provide embedded hardware/software to OEMs for robot navigation and vision.

A full-service product development company, specializing in robotics. Complete consumer robot design, from first prototypes to manufacturing in China. Located in Broomfield, Colorado, United States.

Forum to discuss and hack the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner.

offer mobile robots for police and military intervention and inspection tasks.

Designs and builds walking robots for research and demonstrations, offers consulting on robotics and on simulation software.

Develops hardware and open source software for personal robotic applications.

Designer, developer, and distributor of consumer robotic and entertainment products. Features an interactive product catalog, with instruction manuals and specifications. Based in Hong Kong, with offices in North America.

A Spain-based company, creator and owner of the open source personal robot

Manufactures, assembles and sells mobile robot platforms, arms, components and software for research and industrial use. Located in Germany.

Australian company that manufactures robot vacuum cleaners.

Automation components and robotic grippers for welding and clean rooms.

Has replacement parts for industrial electronics.

Home of the BasicX microcontroller, perfect for robotics projects. Development kits and accessories available + information and downloads

Suppliers of the Basic stamp microcontroller and related components.

An authorized seller of the MIT Handyboard and the smaller Handy Cricket. They also offer a variety of other robot components.

Manufacture high performance multi-element pressure and tactile sensing systems.

Manufacturer of robot parts for industrial applications and hobby robotics enthusiasts.

Online store offering a variety of speech synthesis ICs and boards for using robotics and other applications.

Online store selling electronics Components and microcontrollers. Based in Gujarat, India.

Develops miniature linear actuators for compact robots, medical devices, and motion-enabled consumer products.

Microcontroller project/development boards and stepper motor controllers for robotics.

Mini controllers for robotic servos and serial display modules.

Competition robot kits, solar-powered robots, electronic components, motors, and information on the field of Beam Robotics.

Compliant force robotic tooling and automation equipment, specializing in surface finishing applications, and robotic machining operations.

Vacuum technology and grippers for robotics.

Has motor controllers for DC motors, wireless modem, joystick or computer increasing volt output for driving one or two DC motors.

Compliant robotic de-burring and de-flashing equipment.

End-of-arm-tooling including collision sensors, grippers, rotary actuators, and tool changers.

Robot covers, robot armor, heat shields, wrist covers and fan filters for industrial robots.