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An intelligent agent development platform. It provides a Java based programming environment using the BDI (Belief, Desire, Intention) agent model.

A modular and scalable multiagent platform written in JAVA and built upon the AGR (Agent/Group/Role) organizational model.

A tool to experiment with, compose, and playback Microsoft Agent scripts with no programming experience required. Presentations may be created in multiple formats. The seite features screenshots, sample Avatars and the software download.

Animated human like characters that live on your desktop as your personal interactive companion and assistant capable of speech and doing tasks for you using Microsoft Agent Technology.

An easy to use tool to create MS Agent scripts with animated, speaking characters. The program outputs the complete HTML page, ready to upload to web site. by Abhisoft Technologies. [Freeware]

Free framework for mobile agents implemented in Java.

Find out about the inner workings of aglets, IBM Japan's Java-based autonomous software agent technology

Internals of one-pass compiler by example Pascal compiler.

Compiler job openings at companies and universities.

A listing of compiler companies, compiler research projects, benchmarks, and compiler job listings.

Directory, search engine of compiler-related sites. People, books, papers, publishers, decompiling, generators (scanner, parser, backend), translators, compiler compilers, courses, tutorials, library, FAQ, free, companies, tools, mail list, survey/poll.

List of free compilers and interpreters for programming languages with descriptions.

Links to free compilers, with sources, compiler construction toolkits, tutorials, articles, other compiler-related sites.

Links to free programming compilers and interpreters categorized by language.

A framework for building dynamically targetable compilers, assemblers and simulators for a wide variety of processor architectures. [Commercial]

BEG is a commercial generator for compiler back ends. It reads a declarative description of a target processor (i.e. SPARC, MIPS, ARM, x86, etc.) and produces a possibly optimizing code generator in form of a C program.

C Compiler for 8051, Avr, Evaluation Boards, Single Board Computer, Embedded Software, Simulators.

A supplier of Ada, C, C++, JOVIAL and multi-language compilers for safety critical embedded software applications. DDC-I also provides Consulting, Training and FAA Certification.

Compiler front ends for the OEM market. Company profile, customer list, descriptions of Java, C++, FORTRAN compilers.

A developer of highly optimizing compilers.

C and C++ compilers for Win32, Win16, and DOS.

Workstation, cluster, and desktop Fortran, C and C++ compilers and development tools.

Package and bespoke compilers, cross-compilers, source to source translators, debuggers, and other tools for various languages, CPUs, and operating systems. Manufacturer of the JET Java to native code compiler.

Makes NULLSTONE automated compiler performance analysis tool, uses QA approach of coverage and isolation to measure effectiveness of compiler optimizer to perform wide range of optimizations.

Supplier of software development tools for embedded microcontroller and digital signal processors applications across industry standard computing platforms.

A flexible compiler development system for languages like C, DSP-C and Java, enabling architecture and compiler developers to generate and reconfigure efficient and robust compilers quickly for their existing and future cores.

An aggressive open-source compiler for C and C++ and Stacker, a forth-like language. It specializes in interprocedural optimization and analysis, and handles runtime and offline optimization "in the field" as well.

Its philosophy: build compilers from parts, which might include front ends, back ends, optimizers, and the glue that holds all these pieces together. You might even generate parts automatically from compact specifications.

Visual Parser Debugger for ANTLR 2.x. [Public Domain]

Eclipse plugin for ANTLR providing syntax diagrams, lexer wizard and grammar editor. Developed by Placid Systems.