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Transaction Processing Performance Council, a non-profit corporation founded to define transaction processing and database benchmarks and to disseminate objective, verifiable TPC performance data to the industry.

Tools for performance analysis, latency and bandwidth measurement of hardware and the operating system. [for Unix]

Benchmark testing operating systems with Microsoft funded Windows NT verses Linux tests.

Benchmark database, serving as a guide to the relative maths performance of various computers, processors and compilers.

Free software to analyze and benchmark your computer system.

Performance tools for computer professionals.

TOP performers in all of the major public benchmarks, TPC, SPEC, Oracle, SAP, and Intel.

EDN Embedded Microprocessor Benchmarking Consortium is a non-profit consortium that develops benchmark suites that target key embedded system applications.

Develops performance tools, evaluates performance-related products, designs system benchmarks, and troubleshoots performance problems. Contact information, events calendar, and links to software tools.

Here Joel Goldstein discusses various DB2 capacity metrics.

Schema is a provider of telecom resource management (TRM) solutions that enable operators of wireless networks worldwide to optimize and manage their resources.

PerfCap Corporation provides Performance Management and Capacity Planning Products and Services.

Consultant and tools vendor with focus on system monitoring, capacity planning, and benchmarking. Tools work on HP/Compaq/Tandem NonStop Kernel, Stratus VOS, and UNIX. Articles on management/performance topics for these OSs.

Provider of Internet Software Services, specialising in Performance Investigations - including performance prediction, optimisation and testing.

Offering benchmark services in the UK.

Consulting practice focused on load testing with the Mercury Interactive tool.

Performance and capacity planning consultancy and training services. Includes whitepapers. Head office located in London, UK.