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News on high performance computing from Europe. Newsletters and conference calendar.

An initiative to establish a global grid of computing power. Links to conferences, development, and related information.

Programming projects, calls for papers, software, documentation, other resources. Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany.

Links to parallel computing resources.

History of Beowulf development, network drivers, software, documentation, papers, and links to other resources and cluster sites.

A network topology designed to minimize latency in clusters of PCs.

Documentation and installation scripts to make a Linux cluster of thin clients in an educational environment.

Automated system for installing Debian on PC clusters. Documentation and source available.

At the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Documentation, configuration information, benchmarks, and pictures of calculations.

Cluster information and links to Beowulf resources.

Pentium-based Beowulf clusters. Product specifications.

Sells high-performance clusters. Product and contact information.

Provides custom Beowulfs and workstations. Online quote form.

Manufacturing, design and service of HPC clusters and other high-performance systems.

Advanced Clustering sells turn-key beowulf clusters with AMD or Intel processors. Configurable online ordering.

International Conference on High Performance Computing. Links to previous conference information and proceedings.

Links to conference homepage for each year for the Task Force on Cluster Computing conference series.

Annual series of international conferences dedicated to the promotion and advancement of all aspects of parallel computing. Links to past and present conference information.

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis. Conference information and links to previous years' pages.

Annual conference sponsored by the Technical University of Czestochowa, in Poland.

5th European Workshop on OpenMP. September 22-26, Aachen, Germany.

European Conference on Parallel Computing. August 29 – September 1, Dresden, Germany.

6th International Workshop on Algorithms, Models and Tools for Parallel Computing on Heterogeneous Networks. In conjunction with IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing. September 17–21, Austin, Texas, USA.

21st International Workshop on Principles of Advanced and Distributed Simulation. In conjunction with Federated Computing Research Conference. June 12–15, San Diego, California, USA.

Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and network-based Processing. February 13-15, Toulouse, France.

3rd International ICST Conference on Scalable Information Systems. June 4–6, Vico Equense, Italy.

International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization 2008 covers static, dynamic, adaptive or continuous optimization. April 6-9, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

International Supercomputing Conference. June 17–20, Dresden, Germany.

An API for multi-platform shared-memory parallel programming in C/C++ and Fortran. Specification, presentations, event calendar, and sample programs.

Automatic parallel execution of sequential applications on SMP computers. Identifies all parallelism by static and dynamic scheduling. No parallelizing directives are required. Uses Dataflow.