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An after-school learning environment for kids to explore their own interests and learn about technology.

An international association for professionals in the data recovery industry to prove to their clients that they have achieved a quality standard.

APCUG promotes communication between personal computer user groups.

Association for exchanging knowledge and experiences involving data administration, data warehousing and all aspects of information resource management.

Dedicated to improving industry standards and advancement. Enrollment information, chapters and affiliations, plus links offered.

Providing certification and leadership to network computing professionals.

News and performance numbers from the GWPG Committee.

Computer Communications (TCCC)

The International World-Wide Web Conference Committee is the Association that organizes the academic conferences on Web technology.

The Federal Geographic Data Committee coordinates the development of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI).

A national advisory committee on science and technology issues.

Seeks to raise the scope and scale of technology resources available to grassroots organizations working for progressive social change.

Charitable organization that directs donations of used and surplus computer technology to non profits and public agencies throughout the United States and globally.

Focused on providing technology access and education for youth and adults in underserved communities, this nonprofit promotes learning, academic performance, and workforce preparation.

Helps non-profits use technology to better serve their communities, by providing integrated technology services including planning, consulting, training and support. Includes success stories, online resources, and information about how to get involved.

A Portland based non profit that provides free computers and education to those in need through the reuse and recycling of old computers in exchange for community service.

Refurbishes and repairs donated computer equipment, and then provides it, free of charge, to non-profit organizations in the Cleveland area.

Technology philanthropy for nonprofits. Grant information, IT seminars, discount software and other resources aimed at bridging the digital divide for nonprofits.

The Foundation provides computer donations and technical services to improve the futures of San Diego County's underserved kids, teens, seniors, veterans, disabled, and other community members.They also provide access to technology resources and training.

Non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public and policymakers about the potential of a decentralized global Internet to promote democracy, communications, and commerce.

An organization dedicated to public education on the emerging global information economy. Deals with challenges posed by technology on the problems of communities-left-behind and at risk through workshops, research activities, publications, reports and public education activities.

Confluence provides technology support services exclusively to nonprofit organizations.

This foundation utilizes information technologies as a tool to aid progress and development in various countries. Some examples are to bring education to remote locations, expand and enhance medical resources and research capacity.

The digital network provides access, resources, and assists in building the technology infrastructure of selected organizations and agencies.

The World Summit on the Information Society, recognizing creative use of interactive digital media in content and diversity.

A resource for independent Baptist Churches. A BBS resource, internet access and utilities. Free Bible correspondence courses are offered in addition to other online services.

Social justice, equity, and access through community technology and diverse social change initiatives in underserved communities.

A program which refurbishes and redistributes donated computers in Eastern Ontario.

The Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF) is a national organization dedicated exclusively to fostering upper-level executive talent among African-American IT professionals.

Global leader in e-commerce education, e-business news, e-learning, technology training and IT career information.