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Collection of articles, resources, and media for developers.

The scene photo gallery.

A site dedicated to the demoscene. At the moment it's oriented in demoscene productions, but promises to provide news, articles, interviews with demoscene people and up-to-date information about upcoming demoparties.

Multi-platform database of news, groups and productions. Register here and get your own avatar and the chance to appear in a chart table which rewards uploading and commenting others' work. Nice, cute design.

Description of what demos are, some common effects, who makes demos. Available in English and French.

Demos are cool. They exist to move you, just as any other art form moves you. But demos are built by programmers, artists, and composers who live and breathe technology. [Gamasutra]

A paper that reports on a study undertaken into vernacular forms of multimedia production referred to as "demos" or "intros" and variants of these terms among adherents of a computer oriented subculture identifying itself as "the scene".

Official site of dEUS, the Greek demogroup, includes a member list, history, and productions.

Computer development group on Amiga and PC.

A group of seven geeks out of Copenhagen that play exclusively old C64 tunes (except perhaps Outrun which is based on the arcade version).

Server offering chip music in all formats (MOD, XM, S3M, SID, YM, SAP, IT, AdLib) and platforms (Amiga, PC, Spectrum, NES.)

Newsmag about the internet music scene, providing news and yellow pages.

International computing event in Norway.

One of the main scene events, held near Helsinki, Finland.

Eindhoven, Netherlands.

The 8th edition, which will start the 22th of July, has seen the move of the partyplace to Bilbao.

A yearly Swiss demoscene event.

An annual demo-party in Germany.

Remarkable real-time graphic and sound demonstrations for PCs.

Presents the best of the Scene - music, graphics, demos, and also news, articles, reviews and forums from and for the Russian and international demoscene. [English/Russian]

The group founded by former members of TPOLM has releases for download and information about their group.

The Finnish group, which started on the Amiga in the early nineties, has demos and a members list on the page.

The swiss group has releases, members list and news.

The French group presents their releases, their members, parties they visit and information about the VIP party.

The group has descriptions of their French and German members, party reports and downloads of their products.

The sceners present all their releases, history and photos.

You will find downloads of releases, images from demoparties and some DOS utilities.

Presentation of their releases, their members and the Cubic Player for download.

The German C64 and PC group presents their releases, their members and links.

The group with German and Finnish members presents their releases and their members.