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Manufacturer of integrated automation and security systems for residential and commercial use.

Information about digital communications including, computer, Internet, telephone and television networking over common household power lines.

Custom electronics integration company serving both commercial and residential customers in creating a networked environment.

Design and installation of home network systems for lighting, audio, video, home theater, telephone and security.

Control and monitoring (SCADA) software for the Apple Macintosh that communicates with Allen-Bradley and Modicon Modbus PLC's

Full-service provider of smart home automation solutions for home, including lighting, climate, entertainment, security and surveillance controls.

Manufacturer of home automation control systems with two-way X-10, infrared, i/o ports, and video output.

Manufacturer of control interfaces and powerline control devices.

Manufacturers of IntellaVoice and IntellaTest giving X-10 a voice.

LonWorks products. Building, home and vehicle automation hardware and software.

Provides a line of digital RF modulators for multiplying and distribution of audio/video signals in building.

Manufacturer of home automation systems, building and campus control systems.

Makes home automation solutions and products such as home wide audio, and entertainment center with one universal remote.

Manufacturer of home automation and lighting control equipment.

Producer and marketer of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for industrial and home automation.

Designs custom home automation solutions. Reference design template to evaluate project scope.

Manufactures an integrated security and home automation products with the telephone as the main user interface.

Manufacturer of professional audio video routing equipment.

Manufacturer of design switch panels and home automation control panels. Belgium.

Electrical wiring systems, home systems, lighting controls, data communications.

Manufacturer and supplier of remote control switches for lights and fans, products for home and office automation. India.

Manufacturer of automatic gates barriers and other stuff

Supplier of automatic home management based on user presence, mobile phone and internet.

Manufacturer and supplier of CoolMaster and CoolGate controllers for VRV/VRF HVAC systems.

Designs and manufactures sensor-driven, Wi-Fi-enabled, thermostats and smoke detectors.

Manufactures and provides smart home controllers with device and software inter-compatibility.

Provides a control system allows to operate home technology from one smart device. Australia.

Manufacturers of home automation devices and the magDomus home controller.

Controls your home through voice recognition or web access, supports HVAC, telephony, infrared, Internet, X-10, and security.

Offers central control of lights, appliances and security systems from your PC.