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  • A Adults (18 and older)
  • T Teens (13-17)
  • K Kids (12 and under)

Message boards with general discussions, tutorials and programs.

Emphasis on white hat, with categories for hacking, coding and computer security.

Simple text format with users answering questions posed by other users, and discussing the latest hack news.

Message board and blogs discussing security and beginner to expert level hacking.

Message boards including a section for newbies, programming and general on-topic chat. Includes blogs.

Information about the largest annual hacker convention in the US, including past speeches, video, archives, and updates on the next upcoming show as well as links and other details.

Black Hat Conventions put you face to face with people on the cutting edge of network security, and with no vendor pitches.

A convention for hackers, phone phreaks, cypherpunks, programmers, civil libertarians, ham/scanner enthusiasts, security experts, feds, and culture jammers.

The Symposium on Security for Asia Network in Singapore aims to be a very different security conference from the rest of the security conferences that the information security community in Asia has come to be so familiar and frustrated with. SyScAN intends to be a non-product, non-vendor biased security conference.

An annual East coast hacker convention hell-bent on offering an interesting and new atmosphere for demonstrating technology exploitation, inventive software and hardware solutions, as well as open discussion of critical information security issues.

Three-day event held annually in San Diego, California, U.S that features lectures and a competitive game involving simulated network penetration.

Small-venue hacking conference. Calls for papers, speakers, contests, and schedule. Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Offers security directory and related news.

Contains projects, papers and tools.

Provides cracking tools and information.

Ukrainian crime kingpin Maksym Kovalchuk arrested in largest software piracy and computer crime bust.

Introduction to cryptography, including concepts, key management and application.

Find information on some cryptanalytic hacks, breaking weak cryptosystems and links to more cryptography related websites.

Links to cryptography related downloads and information from around the world.

Articles describing the first crack of a DES-encrypted message, with some source code and mailing list archives.

Defines cryptographic terms and concepts, offers crypto scheme comparison, and provides some real world examples.

Features machines and systems used in secure communications. Includes brief history on cryptography.

Outline of the various types of cipher systems that have been used historically and the relationships between them.

An article by Steven Mizrach.

Archive of exploits and security advisories

A large and descriptive exploit archive organized by affected operating systems.

The Software Orange Box is a free proof-of-concept tool which can spoof most forms of North American Caller ID.

Open source penetration testing software with a large, active community.

Well established resource and forum for exploits, tools and learning the basics of hacking.

Home of a number of 0-day exploit authors. Many creative Trojan droppers and methods are released here, and it carries a huge database of exploits and hacking tools.