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Dread Pirate Roberts' Princess Bride Page
Plot summary, cast pictures and biographies, movie stills, sound clips, book information, a review, a FAQ, Andrew Becker's PB Chicken Jokes, trivia, and the script (with sound clips and pictures).
Buttercup Princess Bride Page
Fan page with web ring, links, goofs, essay, cast pictures, profiles and filmographies.
The Princess Bride Drinking Game
By Chris Ring.
The Digital Bits
Commentary Excerpt: Rob Reiner on MGM's new Princess Bride Special Edition DVD.
Batman The Animated Series
Official website, featuring character profiles, games, graphics and sounds library, and up-to-date information on video releases e.a. [Requires frames.]
Pazsaz: Batman - The Animated Series
Listings, information, and episode guides.
New Batman - Superman Adventures
Official site containing information on episodes, comics, videos, and games. Also features sections on the villains and heros of the show.
Adventures of Batman and Robin FAQ site
Cast and character information, a brief episode guide, and information on future adventures.
Batman UK
Contains movies, animation, merchandise, comics, and news.
Gotham City USA Web Club
Caption contests and survey. Games, trivia, never-ending stories, batcomputer, calendar, and picture gallery. Also contain a message board for the discussion of episodes, comics, and collectibles.
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